More gold stuff? What is happening to me??

Where is all this gold stuff coming from?  I usually lean toward silver stuff (that’s the Crunchy part of me) but in the past few weeks I’ve been picking up little treasures that are (gasp!) GOLD!  Maybe the Diva in me is starting to come out.  Could it be the change to fall has me leaning toward this warmer color?

Well, best not to analyze.  I go with my gut when thrifting, and over the weekend my got told me to snatch up this little puppy:

My first thought was “oh! I could paint that black” (which, by the way, is my first thought with just about everything.  I have a paint-it-black problem.  Everything gets painted black.  I need to buy myself some yellow paint…

It was hard to walk away from this for $35.  The finials, handles and wheels are all made of heavy brass which gives this otherwise lightweight looking piece some serious HEFT:

and the shelves are caned with heavy glass inserts (sorry about the spinny orientation of this photo – by this time I was sort of swirling around and falling in love with this piece!)

But the kicker was this little detail at the end:

seriously people!  Its like Cupid showed up at Christmas and shot arrows through the front door wreath.

Now I think I don’t like gold so much because it seems to me that things made of gold take themselves so seriously.  Lighten up, gold!  Chill!.

And I think gold chills out by getting chippy, shabby and patinaed (is that a word?) with age.

So I hauled it up the stairs and tried to figure out where it was going to go.  And suddenly I realized that I could slip it in front of a south facing french door and make it my winter plant spot!

The plants needed a place to live – their spot on the front porch isn’t getting enough sun and our Massachusetts fall temps reach the 40s overnight…

(don’t look at the lampshade in the background.  I know it still has the cellophane and tag still on it.  I know it doesn’t fit.  I know it doesn’t go with the lamp at all.  It was an experiment! Really!  And then I got distracted and it faded into the background.  That was a few weeks ago….)

The one downside may be that Gibby’s view is a little blocked.  He loves his little perch – it gives him the best perspective for surveying his kingdom.

But wait – he has his back to you – let me show you why he gets away with just about everything around here:

(This is him as a puppy.   He won’t look at the camera anymore – he acts like a petulant teenager or reluctant movie star whenever he seems me hovering with a camera..)

For now, I think this grand dame will work out just fine in the living room.

Maybe I’m a little more Diva than Crunchy?

What have you hauled home that surprised you?

(Now here’s the new and tricky part for me – I’m going to try to link this post to Southern Hospitality – Rhoda is looking for fun, thrifty finds!)

PS: – Oh my!  I was able to get the link to Rhoda’s site, but she asked for a link back to her posting about the thrifty posting party – anyone know how I can send folks right to that page?  Woe is me, clumsy new blogger.  Help!

PSS:  I saw on Rhoda’s blog that this is going to be the last Thrifty Treasures party for a while.  She’s putting her  party on hold until after she moves into her new digs and gets past the holidays BUT she happened to mention that Coastal Charm has a similar party – so I joined that one, too!  Linda over at Coastal Charm calls her party Nifty Thrifty Tuesday – check it out!

southern hospitality   Check out Rhoda’s Thrify Treasures parties!     Photobucket/   Yay!  Visit Linda!


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