How to Feed a Cat

We have three cats and two dogs here at home, and I think we suffer from the same time-worn problem that many have when they try to mix cats and dogs together:  they eat each other’s food.  At our house, it is Annie The Puppy from Puppy Hell that eats everyone else’s food.  Heck, she even eats rocks when she goes outside.  No shame, that one.


But she’s cute so she gets away with a lot.

Whenever our poor cats want to eat we either have to feed them when Annie is outside or find an up-high place to feed them.  We’ve tried the top of the fridge, the top of an armoire in the living room (yes, I really said that) and out in the garage.  That last one – the garage – was a real pain because we had to always run downstairs to let them into and out of the garage.  They were getting a lot thinner when that that plan was in action.

What to do.  What to do.  Where to feed those darn cats?

Enter: solution!

Last year we turned a big bathroom into a big pantry:

And decided that we could feed the cats on the counter!

The dogs are short and couldn’t reach the top of the counter, so that was a boon:


And the cats felt pretty comfortable being up high and away from the food hogs.  Here is Ike feeling happy and a little superior:


The problem here is how to feed the kittie-os without making a huge mess.

Here’s where the huge mess of pet food is kept:


So I had to get creative with food storage in order to keep the pantry from looking sloppy.

Can you spot the cat food container in this picture?


Here’s a hint:


See that soup server?  I hardly ever use it so viola! it became the cat food canister:


And that bowl?  A sweet score at the local ReStore – for 50 cents!  Yay!  And the botantical behind it – I think it was $5.  And the soup server?  Free, baby.

Don’t you love when you score stuff like this?


3 thoughts on “How to Feed a Cat

  1. Just found your blog– we have three dogs and three cats and the same problem as you! We feed the dogs outside and/or the cats on the steps to the basement, which has a kitty door.

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