Time for something new

Merry Christmas Eve, all.  How does December fly by so quickly?  It seems like half a second ago it was Thanksgiving!    Luckily for me, I took a few days off from work last week and – for the first time EVER – finished my shopping AND wrapped all of my presents before Christmas Eve!  I usually don’t start wrapping until midnight on Christmas Eve and that is STRESSFUL.  But I often leave things for the last minute.

Which brings us to today’s post.  I’ve had this one in the cooker for a while, but haven’t posted because I’ve been just too, too busy.  But it is a Christmas-related project so I thought I’d better get on this before the holiday is gone by!

I spotted this 1970s mantle clock and had a hunch that I could turn it into something more interesting.


I was really more interested in the base and glass top than the clock parts so I took it apart.  It was pretty easy to do – there were only a few screws that connected the clock parts to the base.


Then I thought it might simply serve as a neat was to display things.  So I tried some clementines, but they looked weird – a bit too bunched up.


And then I thought I might let it contain a single object to elevate its importance and make it stand out, like it was really special.  But the blue duck I chose just looked sad like it was trapped – nobody likes a sad blue duck:


So after mulling over this for a day or so I decided that I would try to turn it into something a little more festive – so I broke out the spray paint and turned the brass base into a red base.  It is the same color I used for this project.

And I added a few pinecones that I had lying around at the bottom of a holiday decorations box:

final large

And I think that worked out just fine.

Merry Christmas, all.  I hope time with family and friends is relaxing, refreshing and memorable.  (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new camera so I can stop posting iPad pictures to my blog!)  Off to make the tiramisu….

shabby creek cottage


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