Welcome to the Crunchy Beauty Parlor

A few weeks ago I posted about my two lamp painting projects.  I was pretty happy with the way the turquoise table lamp turned out:


The brass chandelier was a little more challenging – I mean it took a full ELEVEN minutes to prime it. Sheesh.  Who has time for that?

OK, ok.  I didn’t finish it until now because I got distracted by other things.  Like eating peppermint ice cream and that darn addicting Scramble game.  Anyone else play that?  How much stress can you pack into a two minute game?  Lots, I say.  When I play that game I suddenly forget how to spell anything but three or four letter words.  And the people I play with come up with words like “rhaphes”.  Really?  Is that even a word in real life?

Anyhow – I got back to the chandelier and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Problem is I don’t need a chandelier.  Oh well!

Here’s the before:


Pretty much your run-of-the-mill chandelier, right?  I’m sure this lovely little thing has cast a lovely glow over many a holiday dinner, tax season mess and hours of math homework.  Good chandelier, good girl.

But like most girls, this lovely needed some updating – a little sprucing up.  Sort of like covering up your I’m-way-too-young-for-this gray with a new color that you’ve never tried before.  But in the hands of Crunchy Diva you can’t get subtle sun kissed highlights.  No – with me you have to go bold or go home.

Wanna see what I did?

First the prep (see this post for the bucket story) —


And then a wrong turn onto Let’s-turn-it-blue Street:


I don’t know where I got that NOW spray paint but it was terrible.  I’m sticking to Valspar or Krylon from now on.  Life it too short to use junky paint.

Plan B was to go red.  Not like Lucille Ball red, more like Katy Perry or Gwen Stefani red:


Both the color and the bubble bulbs were inspired by this post.

I think she turned out just fine.  Years younger.  But now what am I going to do with it?  Maybe craigslist, maybe etsy… we’ll see!


It is SOOO satisfying to transform something from blah to aaah don’t you think?

Linking up!  (gosh I love link parties, don’t you?  so many nice people out there…)


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