Turquoise Lamp Reveal!

So the other day I posted about my big day thrifting.  I have always wanted to try painting a lamp, and this $5.99 baby became my first project!

It had great lines, but the color – blech.

So I bought some spraypaint – one a gray primer and another in turquoise gloss.


I was going to take the harp off, but I don’t know how to do it and I figured that if I did, I’d never get it back on again and I’d be stuck with a lovely painted lamp that couldn’t have a shade.  The shame!

So I wrapped up the socket and part of the harp so I wouldn’t get paint on them.  Sorry I didn’t take a photo of it!  I kept the “candle” part free, though – that I wanted to cover with paint because whenever I try to fit a lampshade on a lamp, a litttllle piece of that stalky thing shows and it drives me nuts.  It looks like the lamp’s slip is showing.

I also thought I’d protect the wire so I wrapped it in a lunch bag and wrapped some packing tape around it.

I sat it on an old baseball bucket that my husband insists is useful whenever I try to take it to the dump.  Look!  He was right. Not that I think painting pedestal is what he had in mind….

Now I was ready for my big project!    Here’s the blow-by-blow:

12:50pm: I gave it a coat of primer and it immediately perked up!  You can see how I protected the socket in this picture:

12:52pm:  I wonder what to do next.

I mean – it took like seconds to cover it and I was all psyched for a fun project.  But now I had to wait until the primer dried before I could do anything else.

So I thought I’d take on the chandelier, too.  I talked about this in Saturday’s post as well…

12:58:  Here’s how we’re going to start with this one.   First I tried to find a place to hang it so I could spray all the way around it.   No go.

And then it hit me – back to the bucket!  Voila!  Upside down INTO the bucket let me get the bottom done first and then I’d switch to get the top done once it dried.

Boy – my husband was right.  This bucket is really great!

1:10 pm:  It took SOOOO long to paint this.  I’m talking a whole eleven mintues.  Whew!  What I do for fashion.

The chandelier had more swirls and intricate detail – a little harder to cover, but still – not exactly a heavy lift

So now I’ve been here for all of 20 minutes and I’m really getting somewhere but I still want to do MORE!

The spray can said wait 1 hour before the primer dries fully, but it also said I could re-coat after five minutes!  I decided that putting on the turquoise paint counted as re-coating so I decided to go for it.

But the chandelier was still upside down in my bucket.  Hrumph.

Miraculously there was a brick sitting nearby so I put it into use as a mini platform and we were off to the races.

One coat

And about fifteen minutes later the second coat done.  And a short while later I put a lovely hat on the old girl and we have a pretty good little transformation!

Such a pretty color – it really shows off the excellent lines of this piece!

And that was it!  Voila!

And best of all, my family didn’t look sideways at it and squint.  Squinting is the universal sign for “omg she’s at it again but I’d better say something nice so she’ll keep feeding me”.

So here’s the before:

And the after

What do you think?  I thought it was a simple, quick and pretty dramatic changeroo.  You should try it!

Still working on the chandelier – it is still upside down in the bucket but I will keep working on that this week!

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25 thoughts on “Turquoise Lamp Reveal!

  1. WOW; great work! I love it! The turquoise rocks! Thanks for sharing this on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes this week! We love having you join us! Have a great week!
    Mackenzie 🙂

  2. You go right ahead and steal the bucket idea, Andie! And let me know how the chandelier turns out! I’m still struggling with what color to paint mine… And thanks to Pamela and Gail for stopping by and to GAIL for FEATURING this on Catch as Catch Can today! Swooonnnn, loooovvvvvee, swooonnn. xo Maggie

  3. Hi, this is Beckie from Roadkill Rescue. I just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this fun turquoise lamp this evening. It would be great if you could email me back so that I can send you all the details.

  4. I love the lamp, you have inspired me to paint my brass livingroom lamps and give them a new look. I love that you take pics outside too. People tease me about taking all of my shots outside, but thats where I work. With birds and trees sunshine and fresh air, how many people can say that. Can’t wait to see the chandelier, I am going to have to get myself a bucket lol hugs Tobey

    • I love being outdoors and our relatively mild Massachusetts weather is a real boon for painting outdoors! Please share your living room lamp re-do when you are done! I’d love to see them. xo

  5. I found you from the Roadside Rescue post. I have been distracted this early Sunday morning when I should be reviewing the adult Sunday School lesson I will be teaching later this morning by your adorable house and your fun sense of humor. I’m following by email!

  6. I have a pair of almost the exact same lamp that were in my home growing up. I don’t use them, but don’t want to get rid of them, either. Now I am inspired to turn them into something fun and usable!

  7. Hi, I’m here from Roadkill Rescue and I’m so glad they featured you! This looks so easy and I’ve been so hesitant to mess with lamps. I now am encouraged, thank you. Now, a question. I bought, for $5 a pair of white lamps that are an Asian man and woman. What color do you think would be good? I guess any color, but I would like suggestions.

  8. Kudos to Roadkill Rescue for introducing us to another inspiring blog (now following, btw!)! Your “new” revamp TOTALLY ROCKS! I can’t wait to see what you do with the chandelier! Hmmm…I have a similar bucket that currently is filled with baseballs! I wonder if anyone would notice if they suddenly became MIA?!? Nah…fat chance!

  9. I too am here from Roadside Rescue! Love the lamp. Just thought I’d tell you the “secret” to removing the harps, so you won’t have to admit not knowing how any longer! They are usually very easy, a little bit tricky getting it back in, but COMPLETELY do-able. At the bottom where the harp and the base attach, should be little metal “cones”, these hide how easy it is to remove/replace the harp. Simply lift the “cone” and squeeze the harp in toward the socket. The harp should just pop out. Now do the other side. To replace, just reverse the process. Now on occasion you’ll get a completely weird lamp that the harp DOESN’T COME OUT – EVER. So don’t knock yourself out if that’s actually what you have. Love the hubs bucket idea, has given me so many ideas!!! Following you now, so can’t wait to see the chandy!

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