Wow – I have to say something about me?  That is always rather daunting.  Well, here goes:

I’m Maggie and I live in the most Normal Rockwell town you can imagine right in the middle of Massachusetts.  White steeples, town common, general store, happy little pond where everyone goes to swim – you name it, we’ve got it.

Although I’m trained as an architect, I’m currently working as a museum director (that’s another story).  I love design, the design process and the enthusiasm that I see when people are delighted by a well designed object, space or detail.   I love mid century modern design, but live with three men who don’t know Noguchi from Neutra, so my home is decorated in a lovely, comfy cottage style.

This blog is to share things that delight me – pure and simple.  I warn you – I take pictures with my Droid, I love my beagle-doxie too much and I am given to great bursts of enthusiasm over the littlest thing.   I love to show people things that bring me joy so I hope you enjoy your visit.  xo


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