The beams are here!

I just love construction projects.  Makes me miss my days working in architecture.  A lot….  A whole lot!

This morning was one of those perfect days when things start coming together.  We’ve been looking for two beams to act as decorative collar ties in our new great room.  There is already a big ridge beam up there that holds up the roof, but rather than boxing that in….

Wait – that may be a whole lot of architecture speak.  Sorry – I lapse into that from time to time.  Let me start again.

We wanted two beams to span the room.  I was inspired by this photo that I pinned to my Pinterest wall:


And this one, too:


And that last photo is the inspiration for the floors and MAYBE the fireplace but I’m not sure I can do the brick.  But maybe….

Anyhow  — here is what my beams look like now:


And that is my contractor, Leon.  He looks pretty happy this morning.

But look at what we saw when we flipped one of the beams – there was a deep mortise spot that we didn’t count on:


No problem.  We can patch that with some of the pieces that we’ll have to trim off the ends.

There was a lot of discussion about which side faces down, which sides face INTO the room and which beam went where.  I had to look closely and ask the guys to flip them around a few times.





I decided to show off all of the hewn sides, and asked the guys to leave in as many nails as they could.  The nails are really great – old no-head forged nails.  I suppose I could date the beams based on that sort of thing, but that’s a project for the wintertime when I have nothing else to do (ha!).  I often think that I missed my calling as a forensic architect.

So we finally figured it out and I went back inside to blow dry my hair.  Because I was freezing.  It is about 40 degrees out this morning but nevermind that, I had to rush outside as soon as I saw these puppies arrive.  The contractors are used to seeing my in all states of disarray, so they didn’t comment although I’m sure they thought I was nuts.

So they have a ways to go before they look worthy of Pinteresting, but have faith, folks, they are going to look awesome.




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