Score! Summer yard sale finds

I love to go to yard sales. The thrill of finding some hidden treasure gets my so psyched! I even have an app on my phone called “yard sale treasure map” (or something like that) that tells me what sales are in my area and NAVIGATES me to them! What could be more dreamy than that?

This summer my hubby and I hit quite a few yard sales.

(STOP: that’s right. hubby. to yard sales. to be clear – he’d rather choke on a chicken bone than go to yard sales, but we just got this swank convertible in the spring and he’ll jump in it any chance he gets. I tried to explain that my Beautiful Sienna Minivan (reverent capitals there…) is much more useful on The Hunt. But hey – he likes driving me around and we get some good non-kid time together so off we go!)

We hit a sale in August that blew my socks off. There was good stuff everywhere and all of it was priced to go. Here’s a selection of the haul from that day (and yes – we did have to go home to get the minivan to bring it all home….)

Six board chest. Old green milk paint. Excellent condition. $20 bucks. I have to go lie down.

I needed a splash of rust in my living room (I’ll post on the blah-to-ahh! transformation of that room later…) and this painting jumped at me. It is an mid-century original by nobody I’d ever heard of and I grabbed it for $15 smackeroos. I stuck it on my mantle just to keep it off the floor and there it sits. LOVE it.

Now, I generally wince at anything gold. More of silver girl myself. But how about DISTRESSED gold? That is about as Crunchy Diva as it gets. Popped this on my dining room table and it has organized all of the random junk that are essential for a well dressed table: s&p shakers, candle sticks and decorative pumpkins. $1.00

Liberty Prussia flow blue serving bowl. $2. I snort-laugh whenever I think of how delighted I was to see that price sticker on it. It has inspired me to start collecting flow blue to put on the open shelves in my new pantry.

Nice old, heavy wire vase. $1. Man, these people wanted this stuff gone. This was stuffed into a corner without a price and I got the “shrug price” from the man of the house $1. (Diva Tip: always go to the guy at the sale – they just don’t care about what they get for stuff as long as they don’t have to lug it back inside!)

Still looking for that rust color to put into the living room. Don’t love this handmade vase as much as I wanted to so I use it as a doorstop. FREE!

Matching red planters. As you can see I haven’t planted in them yet – I’m making them part of my succulent garden and some of the succulents are still outside… $4 for the pair. And they even have holes at the bottom already! No Dremmelling needed!

I need another vase in my house like a need a hole in my head. But this one was so delicate and obviously hand-blown – pontil mark at the bottom and bubbles in the glass. $3 carried that away.

Free old basket. This is very well made and become a garden harvest workhorse this year.

Oops -before I forget:  I want to show you the table that green vase currently sits on. This is part of the hallway/staircase re-do and the table is my baby. I found that at a thrift store (OK – I paid $200 for it). But the orangey-red enamel finish with gold ormulou (that’s not how you spell it) detail and marble top made my head explode. I showed it to a friend who is a master furniture maker and antiques expert and he discovered a maker’s mark on it that he traced to the mid-1700s. I have to catch my breath when I look at it! This was more of a Diva piece than a Crunchy piece, but I had to have it. I mean, look at that color!

So all-in-all a good haul for not much money! Haven’t found much else since then, but the hunt is the most fun, don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “Score! Summer yard sale finds

  1. Ditto what Maryann said! I’ll give you $10 for that tray and absolutely love that green vase! LOL I have a rust vase much like the one you are using as a door stop.

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