Civilized Dumpster Diving

I’ve blogged before about the delightful phenomenon of the New England dump – oops, excuse me – transfer station.    Our little town has two wonderful sections of the dump that I have to introduce to you in capital letters because they are really that special:  The Metal Pile and The Take It Or Leave It

So if I were a good and experienced blogger here is where I’d show you a photo of each, but since I’m still getting my act together you just have to take a little imagination trip with me:

The Metal Pile is surrounded on three sides by a concrete wall and people just throw their metal stuff into a pile and drive away.

The Take It or Leave it is an outdoor nooky space with a few tables that hold whatever junque de jour happens to land there on a given day.   Next to this nook is an ominously parked FRONT LOADER which is just waiting for closing time so the DUMPMASTERS can throw all of the left over lampshades, skis and plastic playhouses into it and haul it off to the nearest dumpster.

The agony!  Other dumps have little houses where treasures can be stored from week to week, but our little town is a wipe-the-slate-clean sort of place.  Le sigh.

Anyhow – here are a few little gifties I’ve found at the dump for your entertainment:

Don’t know if this is a special type of pottery but no sooner did its last owner put it down than I picked it up.  Pow – just like that. Mine.

This sweet mid-century torture-device-inspired wall hanging was peeking out of the metal pile one day and I instantly heard angels sing.  I hauled it out, brought it home and we’ve been in love ever since.

Another metal pile reject.  It is the neatest gray-blue color and has a bit of rust on it.   This little guy got me started on a lantern collection that I’m still working on…

Things like this make me realize how much my husband loves me.  This image of ?Yosemite? came in this frame (yes it did! it did!) and I almost did a full-body belly flop onto it so nobody else would snatch it from the TIOLI (that’s Take It or Leave It, folks) before I could claim it.

Mine, mine, all mine.  I’m a greedy miser!  (Who can tell me where THAT quote came from?  Come on you children of the 70s… think about it)

So is there a place you can go to pickup freebie treasures?  I have tons of other dump finds to post another time – my house if full of treasures I’ve collected there!


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