Lazy gazpacho (or Oh! a Bee!)

Hi folks – (all six of you who know about this blog!) Like all fun projects, I get super-excited out of the gate and then get distracted with something else (ooh! look at that bee!).

I started this blog last year and then veered off into…well, something else. But I’ve thought about it a lot over the past year and have become a loyal follower of OTHER blogs, and now that September is here (the TRUE beginning of a year, in MHO) I am back at it.

First thing I did to get myself moving was submit a post about my front hall re-do to a great blog called Better After ( and the lovely Lindsay said that she would include my project in a future post! Yay! What better way to get motivated to move ahead. So I’ve re-organized my studio, moved back in with all of my fun stuff and….immediately went into the kitchen.

Huh!? (oooh – remember the bee? distractable. very)

But it is harvest season and my garden is bursting. So I did a little creative project while making gazpacho that I’ll share here:

I am a sloppy gazpacho maker.  I don’t follow recipes, just go with whatever I have on hand.  So on this day, I took yellow cherry tomatoes, cukes, red beefsteaks and shallots, layered them into a blender, doused it with  some red wine vinegar and salt and pepper and it looked like this:

Wow – that is sort of a stinky picture.  NTS: get a new camera to blog like a grown-up.

After I made my pretty arrangement, I hit BLAST and then SUPER THROTTLE on my blender and here we have lunch:

I was so proud.

But then my family looked at it, squinted and craned their necks for a closer look before walking away without comment.

And most moms know that means “I am not eating that. Period.”

So I brought it into work because my cheerful, delightful friend there said she wanted some!  But it still sits in the fridge.  I know it looks sort of ugly, but trust me it is GOOD!

Another friend at work saw it in the fridge (in a pretty little mason jar, mind you) and asked “Who brought in the salad dressing?” – to which I said “OH that is my homemade gazpacho for Mary!!”  and SHE SAID “Oh – I thought it looked like puke”.  But she is pregnant and doesn’t think clearly about food right now so I’m letting that one roll by.

But I guess I should work on my presentation skills – with food, this blog – just about everything.  So enjoy this little before and after gazpacho post, and check out Lindsay’s great Better After blog at  and I’ll be back soon with the results of my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project!

Thanks for checking in – you six wonderful people!!



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