Art from the dump…

Here in New England we have a very unusual but rather exciting social outlet – the town dump.  Or – as we are supposed to call it now – the transfer station.

If you live in the land of garbage trucks and city taxes, let me tell you a bit about the culture of the dump:  everyone goes there on Saturday morning, pulls their car up to big compactor and flings their garbage into it.  A very satisfying experience, I must say.

After the garbage purge, our hearty New Englanders pull their cars off to unmarked parts of the lot and park in a random (but democratic) configuration.  (You do know that our neighbors to the north have a saying, “Live Free or Die” – some of that trickles down to us – we park where we want, how we want and when we want and sometimes we get out of the car and leave it running – so there.)

Why park at the dump?  Well to pick through the metal pile and wander over to the Take It Or Leave It area.  That’s where household goods go to find new homes once their first family tires of them.  And you know – the neighborly visiting, political crowing and general loitering and just ways to bide your time until someone drops off something really good like a useable hose holder or a Cozy Coupe for your three year old.

But I lurk in the dump to find art.  And you would NOT believe some of the good score I’ve found while chatting about the local town meeting vote to people whose names I have a hard time remembering.

Here’s one such lovely:

Tell me that isn’t cool art.  I LOVE this – it is a real oil painted on canvas and the colors are to.die.for.  So what if the perspective is a bit off – perspective is HARD to master, believe you me.  If you have a gander at some of the stuff I hacked off in architecture school, you’ll know what I mean.

Here is another photo with an Old Navy size 9 flip-flop included so you can get a sense of the scale of the painting:

Because we can all relate to Old Navy flip-flops, right?

Here’s a close up:

OK  – it is a big blurry, I know.  Remember I shoot photos with my Droid.  Nuf said.

So if you don’t have a dump nearby, you should make a trip to New England just to go to one.  Forget those pricey antique stores.  Plan this year’s leaf-peeping visit around the dump schedules in Central Massachusetts.

You won’t go home empty handed and you’ll still have plenty of money for pumpkins and cider!


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